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We are proud to feature the Oregon-built Breedlove Master Class, Frontier & Oregon Series acoustic guitars in addition to their Stage, Studio, Solo, Pursuit & Discovery series. Yamaha & Cordoba are also well-represented. Selecting a guitar should be a hands-on experience and our showroom is stocked with dozens of optimally set-up, quality instruments to choose from. Our acoustic guitars range from beginning to professional models, so no matter what your experience level you can find your next favorite guitar.

We have an excellent selection of ukuleles from Kala Brand Music. Come experience our selection of mandolins from The Loar & Breedlove as well as Recording King banjos.

Breedlove Oregon Series guitars are meant to break down the boundaries of traditional sound and expand your possibilities as a player, and to grow with you. They deliver, and expand upon, the Breedlove sound: a dynamic tonal palette with a long, even, note-for-note balance, and the richness of pronounced sound equally distributed throughout the bass, midrange, and the treble. You can hear it when you play an Oregon Series guitar: a more expansive sound, clarity, definition…nuance and voicing that break out of the norm.

From the forests of the Pacific Northwest emerges the exquisite Breedlove Northwest Classic. Watch the video to see and hear this exceptional (and rare!) locally-sourced and distinctively crafted instrument. Now appearing live at ABC Music!